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Home of the International winners of the coveted "Audio Hall Of Fame Award" given to the best aesthetic design of an audio component.

About "The Audio Hall Of Fame":

The products which have recieved the coveted Audio Hall Of Fame Award at this site have been judged

to be the most original and innovative in the catagory they have been judged in, without regard to price. These products won the awards after extensive global searching of all known current and past audio products and as such are judged "Best in the World" for their catagory. Winners were judged solely on the visual and aesthetic aspects of their designs by a panel of industry experts who considered all components ever made - both past and present.

Unlike almost all other industry awards ... the selection process resulted in no bribes, no payoffs, no advertising revenues and no free products were provided to influence any decisions and virtually none of these products are now nor ever have been sold by us ... so there is no commercial interest in their success.

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